Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that might help you.

We'll update this from time to time.

Who are 'we'?

We are a software development company located in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Where do we store our Data?

We keep all of our Data in New Zealand, and don't host ImHere.NZ on any overseas Servers.

Do we delete Visit's?

We will adhere to the Government Workplace and Business Guidelines, which currently says that businesses must delete data after 2 months.

We regularly review the Government Guidelines, and will change our systems to adhere to their direction.

Do I need to enter my details every time?

Once you have entered your details once, those details will be the default for your next visit. These details are not submitted automatically, you will be given the chance to change them before confirming your visit.

If you choose to use private browsing, your default details will not persist. This will require you to enter your details everytime.

What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is simply a type of bar code - that most modern Smart Devices (Phones) can detect using their Camera.

How do you get a QR code for your Business?

Simply register your Business with ImHere. We'll create your first Location (QR code) for you. All you need to do is Login and Download the PDF version, print this out and display this so your Employees and Visitors can scan it.

What if my phone can't scan QR Code's?

You can easily browse to and enter in the ShortCode (5 digit code) shown beneath the QR code, or you can download our App.

Does ImHere have an App version?

We decided to keep things simple and don't expect you to have to find us on the Play Store to download our App, so our software is Internet Browser based first.

That said, yes we do have an App (initially available in the Android store), but you dont need to download it to use ImHere. If your Phone has trouble with scanning QR codes, then our App will probably help!

What's included in the Free plan?

We currently offer a Free plan to New Zealand businesses, but have had to limit this to a maximum of 3 different Locations (QR Codes). This generally supports Employee, Visitor and Courier Delivery scanning (as 3 examples) required for most businesses.

There are currently no usage limits on this plan, but we will review this to ensure our generosity is not being taken advantage of.

How can you help ImHere?

As you can appreciate, there are cost's with developing, hosting and supporting the ImHere platform.

If you are using the Free version, and only if you can afford to, then we'd appreciate it if you simply enable the Invoicing Option within your Business Account, and offer an amount you can afford. This will help us to continue to help other New Zealand businesses.

Or choose from one of our affordable business plans - which start from just $9.95 ex per month.

Internet Explorer isn't working?

We actively test using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge and sometimes will check if things still work in Internet Explorer.

If you are using Internet Explorer when accessing the Business Portal, we'd suggest trying another Browser if you encounter any issues.